Bryan ISD congratulates BB&T Teachers of the Month

Bryan ISD: Congratulations to our BB&T Teachers of the Month! We’re wrapping up the school year recognizing three #RockstarTeachersCrockett Elementary in Bryan ISD’s Susan Kremer was unable to attend her February BB&T Teacher of the Month recognition & was recognized in yesterday’s Board Meeting. The May teachers are Davila Middle School in Bryan ISD’s Gaby Hernandez & Johnson Elementary in Bryan ISD’s Nicole Ponzio.

ELEMENTARY (February): Susan Kremer’s Crockett coworkers said she doesn’t just love and teach the child, but loves and teaches the whole family. She always asks what she can do differently to help a student succeed and understands that every child can learn. She also understands each child learns differently. Earlier in the year, Susan helped organize a school-wide fundraiser $1,600 for the funeral expenses of a student’s mother.

ELEMENTARY (May): From day one of the school closings, there has been one thing that has remained the same – “Daily Activities with Duke!” Coach Ponzio has kept Johnson an Bryan ISD families active while learning at home. In each one, she is entertaining, educational, and uses materials that are easily accessible in the homes of our students.

SECONDARY (May): Anagabriel “Gaby” Ibarra-Hernandez embraced this challenge of teaching students during COVID-19 closure and has worked tirelessly to support Davila’s English Language Learner students during this time. 8th-grade math is her specialty. However, throughout Davila’s time online, Mrs. Hernandez has tutored all subjects to keep her Spanish-speaking students on track. In addition to BB&T’s Teacher of the Month recognition, Gaby was recently recognized by the University of Texas of Arlington Online for being an “A+ Teacher.”

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