Aggieland Humane Society seeks donations to help 7 puppies, mom

Aggieland Humane Society: A little after lunchtime on Tuesday, May 19th, a Brazos County Animal Control officer responded to what appeared to be a routine call about a stray dog who had taken up residence in someone’s yard.

But as it turns out, the call wasn’t routine at all.

There wasn’t just one dog, but a Momma Dog in the process of giving birth to six puppies! She was terrified. Can you imagine how this new mom must have been feeling?

The officer gently gathered her and her six newborn pups and rushed them to Aggieland Humane Society. All seemed well until moments later he received a second call – there was a seventh pup hidden under the caller’s house – THE RUNT! He rushed back to gather this precious life safely.

These fragile, sweet puppies were only minutes old. They were still wet, eyes closed, and even had their umbilical cords still attached.

Our Foster Coordinator, Cari, immediately called one of our well-trained puppy foster parents, Elizabeth. Within the hour, she was there to meet the new mom and her pups, and receive necessary supplies.

Now the next few weeks are critical as Momma, and her seven puppies, begin working to gain strength and trust for humans. Momma will need lots of extra calories to make enough milk for all seven puppies. The puppies will need puppy food and vaccinations. AND THIS IS WHERE WE NEED YOU! You can help provide this vital care for Momma and her infant puppies.

So what can you do right now to help this new family?

1. You can provide immediate items such as food, bedding, and toys that will go directly to this brand new family ->

2. You can donate to our General Fund to help provide vaccinations, medical care, and spays and neuters for this family of 8 ->

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