Editor’s Note From Sedrick Gilbert

Amidst all the talk and debate about “getting back to normal” and “opening back up”, have we stopped to think of what “normal”? As far as “opening back up”, that tends to be in regards to businesses and the economy, which of course is fair to want. However, has all the time that we have had sheltering-in-place, staying at home, and quarantining not led us to deeper reflections of who and what we are as a nation?

The pandemic crisis has brought out the best and worst in us. Some have seized on the opportunity to look beyond themselves in order to help and support others, to understand that it will take us working together to get through the crisis. That, the opening of hearts and minds, is what I wish more of us would embrace and practice towards one another.

It is quite possible that we might never return to what we previously considered to be “normal”, and that might not be such a bad thing. In life, there is always room from improvement, and perhaps that is what this crisis will show us. While we may yearn for what used to be, what is to come might just be not only what we actually need, but in the long run what is for the best.

One comment

  1. Thank for encouraging a new normal. We need to offer new ideas & plans NOW. I would “pause” the new – old municipal park to save $millions, especially since Bryan now owns Phillips Center. We need to divert funds to infrastructure repairs/improvement, & start our own rainy day fund rather than go deeper into debt.


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