Local law enforcement engages in racial profiling according to activists

At a Bryan City Council meeting earlier this year, a report was released on the racial disparity in Bryan PD’s policing. Watch the video of the report here.

The City of Bryan and their paid consultant say the report shows no evidence of racial profiling by Bryan Police Department​. However, Young Dems BCS, a political action group, is pointing to statistics from that same report as evidence underpinning their assertion that racial disparity in policing practices is indeed a problem in Bryan, and the rest of Brazos County as well.

The findings are disturbing to the group comprised of young Brazos County voters. In a recent posting on their website, Young Dems BCS claims that the report evidences racial profiling. It shows that black people comprise 25% of traffic stops, though they make up only ~14% of Bryan’s driving population. Latinx people are also pulled over at a rate disproportionate to their percentage of the population.

In addition, the group notes that in Brazos County:

  • Latinx people are incarcerated 89% more than White people.
  • Black people are incarcerated 898% (about 9x) more than White people.
  • White people go to jail at a rate 42% BELOW the state average.

Read complete post at YoungDemsBCS.com >>

Image credit: City of Bryan Police Department


  1. It’s so true I got a case at the bowling alley for being Mexican. College station Bryan law enforcement and system is very racist and needs to stop


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