State Rep Raney’s account promotes small Nebraska shop on facebook. Errantly, we suspect.

We aren’t sure quite why on Friday, May 15, State Representative John Raney shared the following platitude-laden statement with his facebook followers:

Once the Coronavirus emergency is over, every American needs to do 3 things: 1. Buy American made products. 2. Support your local farmers market. 3. Support locally owned and operated “mom and pop” businesses and eateries.

It’s a nice sentiment. But it doesn’t smack of “game plan” or strategy, the kind of high level-thinking we would expect from a local elected official who hails from its business community.

Even more puzzling, the business leader cum legislator’s Facebook account, in sharing that post, also shared a link with the content to: ONCEUPONACHILOLINCOLN.COM Name Brand, Gently Used Kids’ & Baby Clothes I Once Upon A Child Lincoln, NE

Either the person behind the legislator’s social media account meant to promote the Nebraska retailer, or they don’t quite comprehend how the internet and social media platforms like facebook work.

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