Local man accused of indecency with child 7 years ago is still waiting for trial

On May 22, 2013, the owner of a College Station daycare center was arrested by the Brazos County Sheriff’s Office on charges that he had committed an indecent act with a child in 2009. Seven years later, case number 13-02737-CRF-272 is still working its way through the 272nd District Court with the next “status hearing” set for later this month on May 26, 2020.

If the accused individual is innocent, a seven-year name clearing process is unacceptable. Seven years could feel like lifetimes to a person who has their business shuttered and their reputation sullied by false accusations of a crime as horrid as indecency with a child.

If the accused is found to be guilty, it’s a real danger to the community that a criminal convicted of preying on a child spent so long out on bond. If incarceration and rehabilitation are necessary to protect society from such criminals, justice delayed seven years is simply not acceptable.

Either way, the bottlenecks that make a case like this take that long need cleared. Brazos Reporter has contacted Jarvis Parsons, the District Attorney for Brazos County, to recount the facts and opinions above and invite “comments, solutions, information, etc… [from Parsons] or anyone at [his] office.” So far, The Reporter has not received a response.

Image by Brazos County Sheriff’s Office

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