Editor’s Note: Keep Taking Safety Seriously

In the past two months, I have rarely left home, only going to HEB and Walmart a few times for needed groceries and to pick up prescription medicine, and early this week to a get a haircut that had been scheduled for me. In all those instances except for the first trip to the store, I wore face masks. I have made sure to sterilize surfaces and wash my hands consistently and have tried to limit my contact with other people.

Despite taking those precautions, I am now under self-quarantine, awaiting the results of a COVID-19 test I took yesterday. Although I feel relatively fine, I have been suffering from occasional shortness of breath, which, along with congestion and coughing, led to me seek medical attention. I don’t want to be sick myself, but even more so, I don’t want to possibly infect anyone else.

So I will bide my time here in my bedroom, away from my family and the outside world until I get the all’s clear from the hospital. I urge everyone to take the COVID-19 situation seriously. It can strike anyone regardless of age, ethnicity, a or social-economic status. Care not just about your own health, but that of those you love and who are around you.The severity of the pandemic is far from over, and the need to remain vigilant in regards to staying safe needs to be remembered by us all.

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  1. Hey, Sedrick, I subscribed, thinking oh, a local news source–and then found 13 emails in my inbox! I’ve turned off Fb notifications, but I’d still like to see your news without getting lots of emails.


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