Remember to Thank Our Medical Professionals – Editor’s Note

A visit to the doctor for a nagging cough and congestion resulted in a trip to the ER at CHI St. Joseph this evening in order to have a chest X-ray and COVID-19 tests. Everything turned out to be fine, but what took my by surprise were the reactions I received when I told all the doctors, nurses, and hospital staff I encountered, whether they were assigned to me or not, how much I appreciated and thanked them for their hard work, dedication, and courage, and that I pray for them every night.

They were overwhelmed with gratitude, saying that hardly anyone ever thanked them, and at times instead yelled at and demeaned the brave and noble people, taking their frustrations out on those who work so hard to treat and save lives under tense and stressful conditions. As I always include medical workers in my prayers and ask others to do so also, please do your best to show them appreciation whenever you see them. They should be honored and saluted everyday, and recognized for the valiant work that they do.

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