Editor’s Note From Sedrick Gilbert

My name is Sedrick Gilbert, and I am honored to have been asked to be Executive Editor of Brazos Reporter. In accepting the position, I hope to be able to use the talents and gifts which I have honed and cultivated for writing and communicating effectively in order to make an impact of informing, educating, inspiring, and hopefully uplifting this community by telling the stories of people, their experiences, and concerns in order to bring about better understanding of issues and each other.

I was born and raised in this area, first living and attending school in College Station, then Bryan. During my youth, I began writing in the third grade, penning a young adult novel that I submitted for publication. I received perhaps one of the most polite rejection letters in history, saying the publishing company was declining due to the fact that it already had several similar books, but applauding me for sending my manuscript in at such a young age and encouraging me to continue writing. I followed that advice, and a year later, had my first letter to the editor published in the Bryan/College Station Eagle on the hot topic of the local cable company having dropped MTV from its lineup due to the network having aired Madonna’s controversial “Justify My Love” video. I would go on the have several more letters to the editor published through the years on various subject and issues. In addition, I wrote for the student newspapers at Jane Long Middle School and Bryan High School, where I also was elected sophomore and junior class president, and was selected as 1996 Texas State Youth Ambassador, and racked up numerous awards and citations for my writing and speaking abilities. I graduated from Bryan High School in 1997, and attended the University of Texas-Austin and Clark Atlanta University, studying journalism and political science. I was always outspoken and highly involved in community affairs and organizations.

I have always had an interest in and love for people, and am a natural-born leader. Although writing had been a hobby of mine since childhood, I only fairly recently realized that it could be used for a greater good as far as making a difference in the lives of others. I found a new direction and purpose in doing so. By being more open and transparent in sharing my own story and experiences, from the triumphant and successes to the difficulties, tribulations, and challenges, which have included parental divorce, childhood molestation, alienation, drug abuse, depression, and paralysis, I have helped others to know that they are not alone, and can overcome the obstacles that they face. My faith and spirituality are what guide me in life, in how I treat people, and how I live with a goal of being more Christ-like in all my thoughts and actions. I went from being told by doctors that I might not ever walk again following severe neurological trauma, to not only walking on my own two feet, and last, year, running for city council. I know that I am literally a walking miracle, and the gratitude I show to God from bringing me through the hardest of times is by doing all the good towards others that He had called me to. Being asked to be Executive Editor of Brazos Reporter is another call I have answered in that light, giving me the opportunity to expand on my daily philosophy of spreading more caring and kindness in the world.

What I want to bring to this position and to the Brazos Reporter overall is an emphasis on the human condition, to tell stories that hopefully uplift, educate, and inspire, to bring about better understanding of one another, to heal and unite. I strive to shine light on people, places, and situations that have previously received little or no attention at all. I will pass along what I know and learn to you, as continuous educating of minds is something I feel is necessary for us all to grow and evolve. There is so much good and wonderful news to be acknowledged and celebrated, and I want Brazos Reporter to be who you can depend on to deliver it. I love this community, and want to show why it is such a wonderful place to live, work, and thrive. While my focus will be on positivity, I won’t shy away from delving into issues, matters, and subjects that are of importance and newsworthy, but will do so with fairness and honesty. I will make a differentiate between news reports and commentary/opinion pieces, not mixing the two.

I don’t take the responsibility that this position with Brazos Reporter lightly. In a time when many question and/or feel a distrust of media and the press, I want to provide information professionally and with integrity, to be a trust source for news.This platform is not about me, it’s for YOU. It is my vow to make this a place where you are welcomed, appreciated, respected, and leave away better than when you came.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a little about me. Now, I hope to get to know a lot about you, the people who make Bryan/College Station and the Brazos Valley such an incredible place for so many reasons. Join me on this journey of getting a fresh outlook of life through a different lens.

Please feel free to contact me with your thoughts, ideas, and feedback, all of which are greatly welcomed, at SedrickGilbert0@gmail.com

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