Blue Baker offers “Baker Bonds” to keep local restaurants’ staffers on payroll, “interest” can be redeemed in cash or cookie value

Blue Baker: We would like to ask you to help us through this difficult period so that we can continue to keep our team members on the payroll. Purchase a Baker Bond today and redeem it for your favorite Blue Baker goodies once normalcy has resumed. It is really just a glorified eCard, but at the end of the year, we will add 10% to any remaining balance. Or we’ll pay the interest in cookies – you decide! Our hospitality industry is in free fall – demand has dropped by 70 – 80% in just days. Our primary concern is for the health of our teammates and community. But, our next concern is that, as we restaurateurs are forced to trim labor hours across the board to match the 70 – 80% drop in sales, our team members are left with no financial safety net. There is no “work from home” in the restaurant business. And restaurateurs themselves do not have the means to keep everyone fully employed while their sales drop to 20% of normal. We need your help and support now if you want small bakeries and businesses to survive. Thank you!

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