“He’s homeless and SMELLS” – Local mom says that’s no way for a Whataburger manager to talk about a paying customer

A regular at the South College Station Whataburger on Longmire took to Facebook to describe a disturbing customer interaction she witnessed with her son earlier today:

Brought my 7th grade son to eat lunch here after his orthodontist appointment. The usual day time manager is not here (my clinic is nearby, you get to know who people are).

A well known homeless gentleman entered inside, respectfully waited in line, ordered a strawberry shake, and while he waited for it, the manager on duty appeared from the back and asked him if she could help him and asked what he was needing. He politely informed her he was waiting for his shake, she instructed him to get away from the counter. So, him, visibly uncomfortable and embarrassed, finds a seat, alone. Next, her front counter minion … loudly yells back to her “No, He’s still here!” He then tells the man his shake is ready and the poor homeless man picks it up and exits the establishment. And walks away, towards Longmire, behind Walgreens.

Next, is what really irked me. The manager loudly says “WHERE ALL DID HE TOUCH, GET ME THE BLEACH!!”…to which [the counter employee] answers “oh you’ll need a spray bottle and mop because he touched here, here and over there!!”

At this point I tell them I think they are being exceptionally ugly … and I said so in front of several other customers. This clearly upsets the manager, she comes over and in a hushed voice tells me “he’s homeless and SMELLS…”, to which I say you know what he’s a very nice gentleman, was a paying customer and didn’t deserve the way he was just treated. She huffed away.

Anyone that knows me KNOWS my nose is weirdly sensitive and that my sense of smell is my bionic power. Did I get up in this man’s face? No. But he did walk right next to me, twice. He did NOT smell bad. I am outraged and embarrassed for the way this man was treated by an establishment I love and patronize often.

Shame on you Whataburger

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