J. Cody Whitten building bar & grill at original Easterwood Terminal

J. Cody Whitten, operator of the popular J. Cody’s Barbeque & Steaks in Bryan, will soon open the first restaurant many guests to College Station see. That is, if those guests arrive by air. Whitten is remodeling the original mid-century Easterwood Airport General Aviation Terminal which will open in 2020 at Gate 12 Bar & Grill.

PROPELLERS WANTED. I am currently searching for worn out old props to be used in our landscaping around our new restaurant, Gate 12 Bar & Grill, located at Easterwood Airport. I picked up one this past summer while I was in Tulia for a class reunion.

This prop lead to the idea of creating sort of a bone yard for old props in landscaping next to the old terminal. We will put down bull rock beds to lay the props in and be trimmed out with taxiway lights coincidentally just being removed for Easterwood’s taxiway renovation. See pic. If you drive by Easterwood at night, you may see some of these blue taxiway lights in action.

We will also be exhibiting from the ceiling a rather large B-29 prop inside above the bar area. It will be similar to the one in the picture located in the Low Speed Wind Tunnel next door. We will not need props this big for the landscaping.

So if any of you in aviation out there happen to have a worn out old prop or blade laying around and need a place to exhibit it, I would love to visit with you about a loan or trade (or donation😏).

J. Cody Whitten via Facebook

Image by Easterwood Airport

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