Buc-ee’s is coming! City of College Station video confirms rumors

Earlier this week, we reported on TexAgs.com rumors that a Buc-ee’s is coming to College Station. A close listen to last month’s City of College Station “All Up In Your Business” podcast reveals a few sentences that lend veracity to the rumors. The world-famous “destination gas station” chain has not found a College Station location to put under contract, but is actively seeking one.

Jay Socol, City of College Station Communications: “Let’s just address the the Big Beaver Nugget in the room.”

Natalie Ruiz, City of College Station Economic Development: “We’re still we’re still friendly and we’re still in conversations with the Buc-ee’s folks… It’s just finding the right location that they can get under contract that meets all their needs.”

Scroll to 13:29 in the video embedded below to watch the preceding dialog.

The Reporter reached out to Buc-ee’s for any updates on a College Station location. We have not received a response.

Image source: Buc-ee’s

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