Smart phone screen cracked or shattered? Texas A&M has 4 phone repair shops in walking distance

1up Repairs of College Station

815 Texas Ave., College Station, TX • 979-353-2300

Distance from campus: Across the street from the Eastgate entrance to Texas A&M

1up Repairs of College Station is part of a small chain of phone and electronics repair shops owned by Aggies and Aggie parents. They saw a need for quality, affordable repairs in the market and decided to apply to their new venture the skills that led to their success as partners in franchise ownership groups across the country.

1up Repair brought value pricing to the Bryan-College Station market. Their price advantage did not last. Most repair prices from reputable shops are now competitively priced: Thanks in large part to 1up! The whole market responded when they came in. Prices lowered across town to match 1up Repairs.

Many of their competitors don’t like them (see photo and FYI below), but most customers who leave reviews do. They have a 4.5 out of 5 star Google Rating across 142 Google reviews.

People have asked: Is 1up Repairs affiliated with that Sour Apple Repair van? Sour Apple Repair’s van has been known to remain parked next to 1up Repairs as shown in this photo. Their van’s color scheme employs a black and green similar to 1up. One might naturally assume the shops are affiliated in some way. They are not. “He sits in his van next to our store when he’s slow,” was the note accompanying this photo sent to this reporter via Facebook messenger by one of the 1up owners. They are not affiliated with 1up Repairs and do not have a bricks and mortar location within walking distance to campus.

Aggieland Phone Care

505 University Drive, College Station, TX • 833–AGGIE-PC

Distance from campus: Across University Drive from Texas A&M on Northgate

Aggieland Phone Care on Northgate in College Station, Texas.

Aggieland Phone Care is the closest to campus (by a few feet) and also the newest kid on the phone repair block. So far, Northgate’s loving the convenient device repair shop.

“I cracked my phone screen last weekend in the Northgate. However, I found the Aggieland Phone Care in Northgate. Their location is so close to my apartment and department . They fixed my phone in a 15 minutes. Amazing!,” said one Google reviewer.

The shop has gotten 30 Google reviews so far, with an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars.

All Phone Toys

711 University Dr., entrance on Church St., College Station, TX • 979-822-0000

Distance from campus: .1 miles from University Drive entrance to Texas A&M

All Phone Toys has a brand new shop in Northgate, but they are actually the longest-established phone repair shop in Bryan-College Station. The shop has been selling and fixing phones and accessories since flip phones and color screens were new technologies.

The shop can fix your phone, tablet, computer, or just about any electronic device. They can also supply you with the parts and expertise to help you do it yourself.

CPR Cell Phone Repair College Station

1800 Texas Ave. S., Ste H, College Station, TX • 979-703-6017

Distance from campus: .4 miles from the southeast corner of Texas A&M at George Bush and Texas

A CPR Cell Phone Repair College Station technician employs advances micro-soldering techniques, aided by a microscope, to perform high-level repairs that most local shops would have to send out to third parties. Image source: CPR Cell Phone Repair College Station

CPR Cell Phone Repair College Station is a little bit further walk or bike ride if you live on the North side of campus, but local owner Jeff Strong believes that the quality of his shop’s repair work justifies the extra effort. The shop deploy’s the veteran Marine’s attention to detail and perfectionism along with the advantages of working with one of the nation’s largest phone and device repair organizations.

Strong cites the clean supply chain for replacement parts that all CPR stores are required to use, as they own the wholesaler that supplies most of the best shops in the country, independent and chain. In many cases, CPR actually sources and uses OEM parts. Often, smaller shops that handle their own supply chain for parts either knowingly or often unknowingly purchase imitation parts made with subpar materials, these bad parts cause many issues on repaired phones and can void warranties.

“The advantage of CPR Cell Phone Repair College Station, in addition to our highly trained techs, is that intentionally subpar or defective parts have no chance of getting into your phone,” Strong sums up.

Customers seem to like what Strong and his team are doing. 4.7 stars is the shop’s rating across 244 Google reviews.

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