I Heart Mac and Cheese opening soon in Century Square

I Heart Mac and Cheese – Century Square, a fast casual restaurant concept specializing in customizable, made-to-order macaroni and cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches, will open for business across from Texas A&M in Spring 2020.

Diners can choose from a variety of pastas or bread, including gluten-free, along with seven different types of cheeses, vegetables and seven proteins like meatballs, bacon, ground beef, pulled pork, short ribs and crispy chicken.

Some signature I Heart Mac and Cheese dishes include: The Cuban with mojo marinated pulled pork, ham, Gruyere cheese and dill pickles; The Best of Both Worlds, a baked mac and cheese sandwich with slow-cooked short rib, white cheddar cheese and American cheese finished with BBQ Sauce; and Lobster & White Truffle consisting of Maine lobster, muenster cheese and scallions finished with lobster cream and white truffle oil.

Image of Lobster & White Truffle Grilled Cheese by I Heart Mac and Cheese. Sandwich features Maine Lobster, Muenster Cheese, and Scallions finished with Lobster Cream and White Truffle Oil.


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