Aaron Automotive Under Construction in South College Station

A once-vacant lot at Highway 6 and Barron Road will soon be home to Aaron Automotive. The business, founded by locals Aaron Samuelson and Jay Meador with the help of builder James Woods, grew organically out of Samuelson’s shade-tree mechanic side hustle. As more and more cars came to his Mullins Loop home for repair work, Samuelson recounts, “I had no choice but to start a shop, as I didn’t want to abandon so many customers and friends made along the journey.”

In addition to fixing cars in his College Station driveway, Samuelson racked up years of training as a U.S. Navy Aviation Machinist and later as a student at the School of Automotive Machinists in Houston. His post-military experience includes working in service technician and shop manager roles at Aggieland Automotive, Tom Light Chevrolet, and Brazos Valley Automotive.

Aaron Automotive expects to open its service bays to local motorists in need of repair and service during the first quarter of 2020.

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